Nienke Groenendijk

I am a certified translator French-English-Dutch. I am from the Netherlands and therefore I’m familiar with the Dutch culture, style and language. This makes me the right person to adapt your text to the Dutch market and audience. And of course I’m always happy to go the extra mile, from ‘translated’ to fluent Dutch!

Sworn translator in the Netherlands and Luxembourg

I was sworn in as a translator French <> Dutch in the Netherlands (1989), as a translator English <> Dutch (1997) and as a translator/interpreter French <> Dutch in Luxembourg (2018).

I have a Master’s degree in French language and literature (1980). Afterwards I followed a post-academic education in English translation.
I am specialized in the following fields:
– Asset Management (investments)
– Management
– Legal (contracts)
– Marketing


Subtitling is an art, and I love it. I have subtitled many films, series, documentaries and company videos. No need for templates, I use professional subtitling software that will suit most needs.

At every step of the process you can rely on Nienke for professional work with excellent end results. She is always available and ready to help out. Bacolet Translations BV – Mariet Verhoef-Cohen.”

“Nienke is an outstanding business partner at STV TRANSLATIONS BV. She cares about her work, delivering quality on schedule. Nienke takes the time and effort to understand the specifics of an assignment, eliminating the need to micromanage the process. Nienke is one of the best vendors we’ve hired at STV.”